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sunrise, my darling,
we meet again at the break of dawn -
over a cigarette & coffee.
my mind is in a chemically induced bliss,
with a body wonderfully well-spent;
the coffee tastes just as bold
as last night's rendezvous.
eternally, we share this silence...
ever watching. ever listening
with the promise of tomorrow.
the lights are dim, but i see you,
your shadow under the cover of
bright lights & loud beats,
i like the way you (groove) your hips,
i like the carefree waves of your dark hair,
i like the way your lips look -
soft & inviting - tainted red; a lovely smile.
you and i,
just strangers in a crowded room,
till i hear your voice and you say "hi"
and i say
i can see colors in my mind,
like technicolor ink splatter; shapeless -
carved by a phantom hand amidst an ivory canvas,
and guided effortlessly, subconsciously
by the soul which lies in me;
ink is the artist's blood which gives life
to these enigmatic visions
of color & shapelessness.
the trees are beautiful,
with an ethereal glow amidst the early morning sun -
a vast shade of green
blends together without form;
separately harmonious.
branch tips high above an endless sea
of treetops
sway against a gentle wind.
for a moment, i wonder what it would be like
to be a leaf, at the very top;
i want to touch the sky & feel the breeze
(i am a broken machine)
i. am. a. broken. machine.


This is probably the best thing I've read in a while. It really borders on "True Genius." Seriously. It expresses what you see so vividly, seeing so much at one time, that when you actually express how you feel, you are off again. It's simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Always, Bill


Thank you very much for the kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to read the pieces. And you're welcome.

Cheers, Danaea


Captivating and publishable.

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