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advice please - Lesbian Ladies

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is it normal that i have all these rules that apply to me but not my girlfriend?
like if i dont wake up the moment she texts me the world will end, but if i text her and she doesn't wake up its cuz she wants to sleep in and i'm being overdramatic.


It's called double-standards. It's quite common in all relationships. Unfortunately, in my experience, whenever i've pointed it out it tended to end in a fight. Sorry i can't be of more help!


i would say more selfish and/or immature than anything. this requires a talking to. probably not the nicest way, but sometimes I will say "I will do exactly what you do to me". If she doesn't pick up when you text, then you don't pick up. and when she asks, you tell her why. monkey see, monkey do.


I agree with Jessica. I do the same. I can do whatever they can do. If they they get to do things, I get to do the same things.