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FiX* [1:one] - Poetry Group

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______________ FiX* _____________

I choke in panic
sadistic fanatic
I spark ecstatic
my faculties burn up systematic
enter tragic exit addict
revamp flashbacks
stained with static
inventing retrogrades and tragedies
on my planet
I tweak til I'm twisted
and fisted
melting into liquid
Pisces rising
constantly afflicted
just as they predicted


i look inti the mirror
staring at the face before me
set me free i beg i plead i cry
slowly a tear falls from the eye


Like a butterfly feeling frustrated in its cocoon waiting for its birth to be a butterfly we humans can feel the same way when our minds are twisted in the wrong direction and being controlled with drugs. Nice job Jim.

Like your little poem there too Tony-cute!! and deep at the same time.