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Arciform spine and dainty neck
Bent over the table like a willow wisp;
Spectacles perched on subtle bridge
Before pensive, unassuming eyes;
Smiles tentative but welcoming
Blossoming slowly, like the essence within;
Through night the spirit grows warmer
Like a candle in the window, heralding home;
The brighter it burns the calmer
And comforts surrounding sky;
Play in one way, yet withdrawn in another
Keeping to a corner yet filling the air;
Limbs lithe as they swing on the trunk
In natural, fluid harmonies;
Tresses tucked and of no bother
Sorrel like bare spring branches;
The bark cups a brimming being
One unfolding: a flowering willow tree.

As you realize, this isn't really a poem about a willow tree. It's about a person, someone I met shortly ago... who, to be frank, has captured my attention in a way that few people do... in an artistic way. For starters, her name is Willow. I first felt compelled to draw her, and then afterwards, to write a poem about her mannerisms and presence. There's just something artful, dare I say intriguing about Willow; a certain sense about her I yearn to capture with some medium of art. Drawing her obviously was not sufficient; poetry, though closer, is still lacking. She's an elusive muse, that one.


She sounds so very interesting and I like that poem very much Lynn. Do you have any art work on your page of her?

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