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breathing in the trouble of living
trying to find a way to break me
i'm already smashed. broken
about to talk out the door
i can't ignore these things anymore
teased, hit, beat
you think that's all i can take
try dealing with myself
that's the hell you will not want to face
staring in the mirror
crying thaat you cant like yourself
covered in hatred
it's covering your every vein
with the blood that's dripping out
zipped mouth
covered in the smeared tears you try and get off your face
everything strings a little
but try me
screaming with these lips
scratched taken without a hit that is see able
runaway from yourself
impossible when you eat yourself from the inside
take me all away
i'll stay and be the usual me
is there a better me that is me
ripping my heart into two
still isent enough
to get rid of me
the hatred for myself that sticks like glue


I like it.....it would be even better with more punctuation.

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