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you keep a gun
under your pillow
so he doesn't come again
you want someone to protect you as you look in the mirror
face covered in bumps and cuts
cutting into them more with your low self
shield your eyes from this horrible fate were you born into this or were you a mistake
this has always been told you are brave and bold
when you walk he see's you from behind
every pour of your insanity screaming for help
stiches your mouth shut
throw up in the toiloit
making yourself sick of the thought
you're thinking you're a slut and other words that you say under your tounge
this guy is not kind
he is not nice
he watches you in the night
scared of what's in the dark
frightened so much your hair's turning white
shocked into being the strong one
you stay strong but you're a scared girl living in a nightmare
hitting you
slapping you
what else can he not do
your running so far your legs are hurting
but he finds you
he haunts you
your mother and father say " you're not worth my time "
you just want someone to think of you this once
beating into the scared girl you are now
forced to grow up
looking after your mother
forcing her problems down with the knife and drink
you gave her everything
as your dad goes off with a girl that lives under the sheets
scared to go out
wanting to dream
he comes in
everyone thinking he is a good guy
he is the devil in your eyes
wishing upon that shooting star
that birthday candle
that last dream
that looks so far


thank you.

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