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the smell of coffee lingers in the air.

it's 4:37 a.m.

"wide awake through the a.m., zombiefied by the p.m."

some truths are harder to take.

nostalgia is brought on by empty bottles of
alcohol; beer, liquor, wine
what does it matter, the end result is the same -
spiraling downwards in a manic state.

cigarette packs everywhere. one's lighter becomes everyones lighter.
puff, puff, pass and the night gets brighter.
music pounds like an incessant lover,
bang, bang, bang -louder, and louder, and louder
throttling all senses into heart-pounding bliss.

carpe diem
carpe noctem
carpe momentum

bodies fall, one by one
in a state of ecstasy.

i am the dj
i control the volumes, the highs & lows
i reel the masses into mass hysteria
i am what moves your hips like an attentive lover
inspiring the groove upon your every fiber.

the sun is coming
erasing the remnants of the night,
the dark, and dirty secrets of rapture
and sin.

i'm stuck on repeat.
fragmented by memories i can't defeat,
fueled by inner demons and lies,
neuroticism at it's finest.
even monkeys can see past the bullshit.

the living aren't meant to sleep. fuck sleep.
"there's plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead"
he said, she said

"wide awake through the a.m., zombiefied by the p.m."

carpe fucking momentum

...where's my fucking coffee...


that was really cool!!!

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