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I've Wrote A Few Storys but like there not very good with grammer or spelling
were can i put as in like wht wewbsite can i just add them then get anb email when there a comment or somthing? :s


I'm not expert on what you're asking, but a couple comments:

1) Use spell-check on your computer. Or pick up a cheap paperback dictionary and use it (that's how one improves their spelling.)

2) Same with grammar. Editors will correct it for you, but if it's horrible, it might be very difficult to get it published. So you either PAY someone to do it for you...OR...join a local Writer's Group (the local library might have info) AND there might even be a gay writer's group in your city! OR...you do what I do: I bought an inexpensive used grammar book at a local community college and use that often to remind me...remind me again...and even again of the proper use of English.

If you're just doing it for personal pleasure, it still doesn't hurt to learn how to properly use grammar. It will help you in your life when you fill out applications or perhaps on the job. Jr (community) Colleges have REMEDIAL ENGLISH. Just take that one course. The nice thing about that, you might meet other students who are also into writing!

U can send them to me, but I cannot be an editor for more than this one time, only because I'm trying to work on my own stuff -- and I'm waaaaay behind!


oh no thts okay its fine and thanks for the advice ^^
thank you for offering its very kind of you
i was just wondering were i could like put them online and people could read them and comment ^^


I use a blog for my poetry and I'm going to set up a website for my book. Short stories could work on a blog too. I also have a facebook fan page, I find that works better, people join it by word of mouth and they're more likely to interact too. There are plenty of online writers' groups as well if you want to look those up, some of them can be a bit difficult to get along with apparently, so I recommend trying them out and seeing what each one is like until you find a good one - they do exist. They have the facility to post work online for other writers to review and give you feedback. Apart from that I agree with everything Howard says, and I need to brush up myself too (but then my character is a Victorian lady so I need Victorian English which is even harder!).

Good luck with it


Excellent idea, Joie! I had never thought of that!

When I left the Army as a photojournalist, I missed not having that #$%^ red-penciled editor to correct my prose...and edit the heck out of it. Then, when I joined a reserve unit after many years away from it, I went through SIX edit/revisions of my first story! Even then, they kept saying, "Stop re-writing if after we edit it. Go with what you have,just make the corrections!" I hated that as they were messing with "my" story...lol.

Now I'm on my own and s-l-o-w-l-y working on a story for (hopefully) PARADE or READERS DIGEST (kind of like a young athlete hoping to make the Olympics...lol.) Since I'm primarily targeting non-fiction magazines as my genre, I can't be "creative" in the sense of non-fiction writers, so a whole lot more research is needed. However, what I miss most is feedback.

However, what do you do to PROTECT your work, if it's online?


Which web sites do you prefer to use? I'd like to post my stories for others to read but I'm a little hesitant to submit them to any of the sites I've seen. I've set up a blog but that doesn't seem to draw very many people. Your thoughts?


I use a deviantArt.com account, which is still pretty discreet, but not perfect. On dA you can find groups of writers and I'm sure you can find one with people who are willing to edit and offer you some good criticism.

I met some people that are really interested in my stories through a group on there and they give me great advice and point out grammar and spelling mistakes I make.

There are some really good writing sites out there, I'm sure you'll be able to find one.


Thanks for the tip! Will def check it out. Question still remains: assuming you plan to sell your story or have it published, how do you PROTECT your copywrite if you release it in an open-forum, like a blog or deviantArt.com account prior to it be sold/published?


DeviantArt has a little section for Creative Commons on the submission page. I'm not professional or anything and only write stories as a hobby and don't plan to publish anytime soon, so I truthfully don't know much about it. Looking at it now, it says:

"Creative Commons is a non-profit organization with a mission to expand private rights to create public goods, creative works set free for certain uses.

Offering your work under a Creative Commons license does not mean giving up your copyright. It means offering some of your rights to any member of the public but only on certain conditions.

All of Creative Commons licenses require that you give attribution in the manner specified by the author or licensor."

And it also gives you Yes/No options on whether you want to use one, whether you want to allow commercial uses of your work, or allow modifications of your work and to what extent. If you get an account and look at the submission page you can look at it closer for yourself, it actually makes a lot of sense.


i have a devien art account but i i submit my photohraphy and drawings on there never thought of my stoires how do i do it coz i find devien art cofusing as it is xD


xD Okay. When you go to submit a deviation you click 'Add Text' instead of 'Upload File'. Then you can either type your story in the window or copy and paste from a document. I also suggest that instead of indenting the first line of a paragraph, you leave a line blank in between paragraphs instead. It can be easier to read and tabs are difficult to format.


I haven't tried Deviant Art, I know of it through a a friend who's an Animator so was only aware of Animator type people on there! I take there's all sorts of creative people and endeavours on the site then? There's also RedBubble, though I think that's just art and poems.

I haven't looked into copyright particularly, I try to cover myself by the simple fact that I have published my work online and that my publication is dated. Anyone copying it and claiming my work as their's would fall foul if I found out. I'd be able to prove that I had it first. Of course I doubt that is enough, but it will have to do for now. My sites all carry a tag line at the bottom along the lines of 'the content of this site is the intellectual property of....' and so on.

If people print my work out, or share it around the net I am more than happy, because I create to share with others. I'd prefer it if they'd do so with my name attached to it, you never know someone rich might see a painting and want to buy the original! But even if they share my work without my name, I'm not 'too' bothered, I'd rather people get the chance to see and respond than not.

Of course we can all share our writing on here, with each other, and give each other feedback. That's what happens in the group I'm in on Facebook. I don't have any short stories written at present, though there are some in the offing, but I'd be happy to share some poems, and stories when they're ready too.


k i think i get wht you mean but you do you know of any other sites i could use to put my storys up


It's true that there are LOT of different artists on deviantArt, it's a really huge community.

James, you could try livejournal? I've seen a lot of people post their work on there, but there really isn't much protection for you if that's something you're worried about. It also isn't very organized because it's a site for blogging and not for story writing, and I'm pretty sure you have to post things through a series of blog entries, which is confusing.


@Jamie/Joie: Good feedback all. I might talk to someone at the Writer's Center in Bethesda or one of the instructors that I had there from the Post Magazine (if I can reach them.) In my case, I'm looking to get paid -- esp. since I've had the privilege in the past of being "published" (I say that only in the context of being in a magazine that my client base, military, could read it. Not quite the same.) So if I were to post my personal articles targeted towards the "civilian" world, there's some chance I could lose out if someone were to try and publish it elsewhere (why, I don't, but I know this is covered in workshops.) I could probably look into it in my Writer's Digest handbook, but it's an old copy so perhaps online copyrights aren't covered.

I need to check that website. Thanks for your help.

@James: It sounds like the site that Jamie mentioned should do it for you. However, I would strongly suggest that u consider, if u can afford it, taking a writing course at a local community college! Or, barring that, join a local writers' group. There you can read/give feedback to what others have done...and they in turn can critique yours. Often they'll pass around copies of each other's stories in progress, and then you can get feedback from others as you continue to work on it. Otherwise, just Google "writers" or "writing blogs," etc. U gotta be a little aggressive: not too many ppl will hold your hand in this biz. Even if u don't take that college course, go TALK to the English or creative writing professor.

My feeling, just a hunch, that in your case, you might benefit from seeing other students' writing...hanging with them...and sharing ideas/critiques. Otherwise, pick up some writing magazines or (free) books at the library.

If I try and tell u anything more, I'm going past my own highest level of (current) competence...lol.


i cant do it coz im alredy taking a course for somthing but ty and hmmm thanks jamie but that doesent sound very good but ty aanyway ^^


Geesh...how do u know something's not good unless u look at the site...and give it a shot!

So u'r already taking a course? Good. Just walk down the hall or to the bldg where the English department is and talk to the professors there! U won't be the first student that's done that -- and more than likely, they're writing themselves!

Most campuses have a literary magazine (I was co-editor of mine, so I know.) We took ANY and ALL submissions from students.

Dude...u have to give it a shot. A story won't leap from the paper to whatever medium that you want to put it in.

I'm fully expecting to receive literally dozens and dozens of rejection notices before I even sell my first article (I've had a lot published...for free. Been there/done that.)

Just GIVE IT A SHOT. As they say, there are only two situations: REASONS or RESULTS (u either have a reason why u can't do it or weren't successful...or u have results from what u've done: good, bad or indifferent!)

Good luck. Ya gotta take it from here!