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I am me,
I will give no apology
Life has many cost,
But suffering is free.

I will never give up
I will never surrender


Wow that is the way to be Teresa. I just watched a movie called "Lovely, Still" with Martin Landau and I think Ellen Burnstyn. Anyway its about this man who is getting alziemers but they don't really say it and tell you in the beginning but you know his mind is troubled and confused. It has a surprise near the end of it which I won't divulge but the theme is never give up, never surrender and its a beautiful story of love and devotion and what you said reminded me of this movie and how true to life it is. I think we all have the moment where we just want to give in and give up many times in our lives but to be true to yourself you cannot give up. Just like the ants in my yard, I can poison them, a heavy rain will appear to wipe them out, but they have a way of hunkering down deep in the earth and surviving no matter what you do to them or what nature throws at them and they are a true symbol of survival and never giving up.
After all have you ever heard or seen an ant with arthritits, cancer, or allergies?