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HI - Lesbian Ladies

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I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Amy and I just joined this site. I was wondering how you all seem to be liking it.


It has its ups and downs like any dating site. One of the downs I guess most people on this site seem to have a problem with is the IM chat built in program. It can be a bit laggy like this site sometimes.... I guess it has its days. Although I can't say I don't have the same problem. Sometimes people wont talk to you right away randomly, so I find it easier to talk on these forums and introducing yourself than just waiting it out. Aside from those downs again nothing that big. Other than that you should fit in just fine like everyone else. The ups is everyone is very friendly here aside from the occasional male perverts that randomly IM ya out of the blue but other than that you won't get those often on here. Just rarely. So yes, other than that, welcome to gays.com and we hope you enjoy your stay here.


welcome welcome!
it seems to be pretty cool so far, but dont expect it to be squeaky clean.. it's like RL. u'll find annoying ppl, perverts, haters and stalkers. but u'll also find great friends, smart ppl, and the occasional person that's really pretty and not actually a fake image.


I say if you really want to feel connected to the other members on this site you really need to go in the groups and interact. If you do this site can be fun.