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let me love again
please dear god let me love
i fear that i shall never love again
i feel each person that gets close i have to push away so i don't get hurt again
could love happen for me ?

love just feels like a myth to me
it doesn't feel real anymore

my one true love still loves me and i love her but....

will we every be us again?

i pray that we will

shes the breath in my lungs

she makes my heart pump

just let me love again


Tis better to love and be loved then never to have loved or be loved at all.
I have been hurt so much I can't count but It will never change me not to love again because everyone is different. The mistake we make is falling into the same type relationship with a similiar personality because that is what we are accustomed to. Changing our habits is the key, change thyself and grow in another direction and sometimes it helps you to find a better person in the process. Sometimes if we have to look at ourselves to see if we are truly happy and if we aren't then we need to make our own changes. It is easier to say then it is to do it and that is where the quest of change comes in.


thank you jeanie

i will take those words into consideration i appreciate it so much