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I'm very curious and I don't know who else to ask about this. I'm not a three way sex type of bisexual nor can I see myself up to the task either way. But out of curiosity, if your partner says that you and her should try a 3 way sex, would that ruin the relationship at all, destroy any spark between two women in love or even cause distance to happen between the two? Just curious about all that. I'm not sure how a three way sex works... I've been in a three way relationship before but that's really different. We're not wanting a three way relationship. If anyone can help with these questions or any of them, that would be great! :3


thats a good question, but for me i once asked a past lover to engage in a 3 way with another lady friend of mine and she turned down the offer...i was indeed a lil bummed but I got over it quickly. If she loves you she will respect ur decision to keep it jst the two of you. I would just be honest with her, tell her how u feel about the whole thing it really shouldn't hurt ur relationship at all. Hope that somewhat helped you out gurl, good luck!