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"Come to me..." She whispered across the breeze. Unmoving yet all around me.
I fell against her, ragged breath sending chills down my spine as it caressed my neck.
Her fingers trailing up my side, feeling like rough icicles melting along my smooth skin.

"Don't be afraid." Her smile seeming more saddening than if she had been crying.
She'd never cried, I thought to myself then.
I looked into her eyes and could not pull myself away from her.
Feeling lost within the depths of her gaze.

"I'm not afraid." My voice seemed to come from somewhere else.
It surprised me at first but thoughts were all brushed away at her vocals once more pressing their self into me.

"May I have this dance?" The barest nod was given as she pressed herself against me and I let myself be spun.
There was nothing but her and the darkness, seeming to blur into one as she stepped faster and faster.
I clung to her, not wanting to lose her to this darkness.
Knowing I would never know anything sweeter than this dance, or more horrifying then being in this darkness without her.
Slowing down she brought me closer, my lips parting in anticipation as her lips brushed over mine.
I felt as though my breath had been stolen away for the last time.
She dipped my body down to the ground, gently, and left me lying there.
Glazed eyes staring up to the sky in wonder.
My lips still parted in anticipation.

Death the hardest lover to keep.



I loved it till the end. What was that part about ? Death the hardest lover to keep. This sounded like a sensual dream or meeting a stranger in the darkness. "She" cannot be death. Please no!!
But if it is - is your trance imagining death dancing around in your mind?


She is death. Meeting the stranger of darkness.
Death doesn't dance with me, I just decided death though such a horrible thing on the livings hands should be given a beautiful tale.


well when you put it in the perspective, yes, death to everlasting peace and rid of the wretched world. Heavenly peace and yes to accept death when we are dying is the hardest thing to do. I have been in the medical field many years and to see how people cling to life is truely an amazing experience, I think of how I will see death when it comes for me. I have had such a hard road most of my life and have had to turn lemons into lemonade and sweeten my diliemma and make the best of what I had at hand and though it was not easy it had some great rewards, meeting the most fasinating people in my life.


There should always be two sides to every coin. =P Two stories to one situation.
... Now I want juice D= Darn.

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