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Hello!I live in Toronto.Im looking for gay friends who can meet real. :) - Gay Guys! <3

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Hello.Im Japanese.Im studying English in Toronto.Im looking for gay friends in Toronto who can meet real and make a can good relationship with me.If interested in me,Please send me a message☆Hugs.


Hi Shingo Yabuki,
First to all, I'm deeply touch in my heart, for what happen in Japan, I have in Argentina where I been born, many Japanese friends, and one in Japan (Michihiro Kondo) and I don't have for long time, any news from him. I really like Japanese people, they are so respectful and honest. Dear Shingo, I wish you all the best, and I'm sure you will fing the right person, for share you life.From
Jorge Labbe


Hi Shingo, yeh just 2 say how sorry i am about what's happened in ur country, and i also wish u all the best in ur quest, lot's of love from all in Ireland.


Thank you very much.Im praying Japanese people escape from dangerous places and Japan will be fine soon!!!


Thats really lovely Richard. I really admire you. From the bottom of my heart I am very sorry to hear such catastrophe that has occured. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.