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Favorite Web Comics - Lesbian Ladies

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I don't know about anyone else but I love web comic and I wanted to share my favorite web comics with my friends. All of my favorites involve girl//girl relationships.


A very good comic that follows the stories of two girls and two guys. It's sort of complicated has funny and dramatic moments.


This Webcomic is really raunchy, funny, and pretty classless, definitely NSFW (not safe for work). Some of the art is impressive though. It's about two lesbian room mates.


Mostly funny comic about two bisexual girls I think this is also NSFW.


This one is a sweet romance/drama about two young women.


It's random, funny, and really super cute. About two weird girls, a cat, and other strange characters. It does contain some sexual content.


I think this is the sexiest comic I've read about two girls and a sweet guy sharing an apartment. So NSFW. It's pretty hilarious as well.


This one is pretty neat... I can't really explain it except its about two enemies. Not the best in my opinion but I've read it all so it's not horrible.


My All time favorite webcomic. It's weird, and sexy, and wonderful. I can't explain it but you should read it if your into surreal stuff. The art becomes amazing as the author becomes more adapt. It's funny and dramatic and sad. I love it.


omg I love it. I'm still reading the first one right now.


@Evelyn I stayed up all night reading that one when I first came across it. I think it's amazing.


snafu-comics for PPG and Grim. I love them.


nsfw is the best kind of anything unless it's depraved, I mean what is this shit....hmm maybe depraved has it's moments... lols =)

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