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Right, so... - Lesbian Ladies

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I'm new here.
But thats not the point ha.
I'm not actually that big on the whole internet for 'dating'

What I wanted to ask, talk about is.
How can you tell about girls?

I've always had trouble with this. I'm not stereotyping gay/bi/lesbian/trans, but there are some people, that you can tell what they are..but I have trouble telling with girls to be quite honest. I live in Eastern Scotland so the kind of girls I see about here are the whole combover, caked in make up girls. I'm not saying every girl here is.

Anyway, I'm ranting. My problem is I try not to judge people but when I do like a girl, I can sometimes find it hard to tell and I've had a few incidents where I've asked and they've felt insulted.....

It may just be me, and a stupid problem but does anyone else have this??

PS. I'm not surprised if this doesnt make sense, made more in my head :L


Lol welcome just joned about two days ago.

I have the same problem, and this is my first inet "dating" site ive joined. It would be so easy if you could tell who (gay/ les/ straight/ bi/ etc) a person is just by looking.


in RL, I tend to wear "flags", to signal to other people. I learned after I observed a people coming up and identifying themselves to a friend of mine wearing a rainbow button.

One time, I was transporting a bag of rainbow buttons to my school's queer resource center, when bunch of buttons fell out from a hole in the bottom of the bag. Nearby people at the bus stop helped me pick them up, and people started chatting. Met about 5 new gay ppl, who had never heard of the queer resource center before ^^;;;


Nice to know its not just me that can't tell...
I have badges and alsorts from a stall I worked on at community center, I'll hunt some stuff out

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