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I've never kissed a girl.... - Lesbian Ladies

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I'm bisexual and I have never had enough self confidence to go up to someone and tell them I like them. I once cancelled a date with a girl because I chickened out... I met one other girl and it turned out we had a lot in common, but she had a partner.. :/


Just try and look inside that person dont just look at physical appearences. And most important try being more open minded.


first of all, try to relax and imagine the worst situation and then take this situation and analyse it.. you will see that the worst that can happen isn't that bad! you won't die! go slowly, and talk of your fear if it can help(depend of the person...) but don't be shy! woman are amazing, they understand you like no one most of the time.she will know if you're attracted to her, and will let you know if she's not(most of the time) so let's go!


you just have to let it happen. dont force yourself to do it or think that you have to. for example my first kiss with a girl was kind of an accident. i had been wanting to kiss her for a while then i just impulsively did it, stepped back and covered my mouth thinking "oh my gosh did i really just do that?" of course then she screamed and tackled me then we made out in the middle of a football field @_@ anyway... sometimes you just have to be the one to make the first move (but probably not the way i did it lol). holding hands is a good start or laying your head on her shoulder. but you do need to be relaxed about it because, trust me on this one, kissing when youre scared sick is not a good experience at all. so relax and take things slow. youll find a fine girl to kiss one day : ) best of luck to ya


I would kiss you right away ;D