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just wondering, but would any of you break up with your girlfriend if she went on a trip 6 hours away for four days and if she had told you that she'd talk to you all the time but she didnt?

(my girlfriend is currently on a trip and doesnt get back until Sunday. She rarely talks to me and thats a pet peeve of mine) kind of sounds like a lame reason to break up with someone but I'm highly thinking about it. just wanted to know your thoughts


If you love her, don't.

If you don't love her.. Well, that's up to you.

I think it's a less valid reason to break up with someone; maybe she just doesn't have the chance/availability to talk with you on the trip? She could be one who doesn't like texting much (rather like myself lol). Just be patient and follow your heart.


My thoughts...

I wouldn't break up with her until she came back & we were able to talk in person, one-on-one. And find out why she wasn't able to talk & or text me. Maybe she was busy, maybe the signal was shit... I would try to understand & hear her side; let her explain herself. If her explanation sounded...shady, or something didn't click right, I'd get to the bottom of it until I found reason/cause to break up with her. Otherwise, why risk breaking off something that could be good just because of a pet-peeve? But then again, that's just me. So... Lol, I wish you & your girl the best.



um if i had a girlfriend and she wasnt picking up i would think something is up i would 1st talk to her to see why she didnt call she gives me reason i dont want i will break up with her but if u love her talk it out


I agree with all the above. Talking things out as adults is always the best reasoning in these typical situations. :/ Wish you the best of luck.


i wouldn't expect anyone to call me during a trip
i always thought that was the point, you know getting away
but i don't care much for phone conversations
but hey, i'd check in every once in a while, make sure ppl know i'm still alive and safe. but i've been known for taking off randomly, without notice, for several days at a time. i'm not a big talker most of the time, but if i really love someone, i'd want them to know i was okay, and not to worry.


It is interesting to hear the other side. I am traveling a lot due to my job etc. I txt once or twice a day and call one-three days depending on the length of the trip. I am always busy though, and my phone isn't attached to me.

When I don't answer her texts right away she gets paranoid and thinks I am cheating on her. Sometimes I am in Rez's where there is no reception, or in remote places and she gets worried that I have met someone else. I think that's completely ridiculous. I wish that she would trust me, and I am not a slut. I don't go around sleeping with anyone.

In your case, I would think that if she promised to call you and she didn't, even if it was just once, wait until she gets back. It is always nice to check in just once. She shouldn't have promised something that she couldn't deliver.

When I went to Sweden for for months, she threatened to break up with me right before I left. I was so heartbroken. She smashed my heart into pieces, but it was her trying to get me to stay home. We weren't living together at that time. I called her once a week, (INternational calls are expensive) and sometimes she wouldn't answer, wouldn't be there at our appointed MSN times ( I didn't have internet computer, and I had to borrow someone elses) Halfway through my trip she told me she was breaking up with me, she couldn't handle the distance. So I then let myself be free. Two weeks later she emailed me back telling me that she still wanted to be with me and didn't know what she was thinking.

When I got back , I found out that she had told my roomate to look for a place by himself because I was going to move in with her, which was not true. I didn't want to live with her after all the shit she pulled when I was over seas. So when I got back I was looking for my own place, and I never did. Its freakin hard to find a place in Winnipeg!

After that, evertime I went away she didn't want me to go. She was always paranoid that I was cheating on her and I haven't cheated on her once. I thought about it, and almost did in many cases, but I never did. She has cheated on me a couple of times....

I don't want to be tied down by an insecure person at this point in my life, and I love travelling and dancing.


So my advice, just wait and talk to her. Really weigh your options and look inside of yourself and see what you really want. There is someone out there. The strength to leave a relationship is the hardest and that is what I struggle with, personally. As well, trust her! Unless there is a reason to not trust her. If your love is true, nothing will come between you, and your love with grow stronger over time.

Best of luck.. - jess


I think if u trust her then u should overlook it but if not first talk about it and see if its worth throwin it all away or worth savin


thanks for all the advice. I ended up getting really upset with her and said something I shouldnt have and we're through. no friendship or anything. I didnt think she'd take it that far but it's all my fault. :-/


and the reason why she didnt talk to me was because of poor reception but then later slammed me and said it was "actually nice not texting you 24/7"


she probably wasn't good enough for you anyway. by the way wat did you say to her?