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Urr this is a poem of sorts, hope you like ~Lilies in the Dark~ - Poetry Group

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I am not really sure how this works but urr here is a poem of sorts I have worked on, Hope you all like it hehe.

Lilies In The Dark

Lilies in the dark, speckled in blood. Crimson dimples of a sinful pleasure always never enjoyed. Oh how we deny; these happy lies we call our lives, we forget and rely on such simple things as fleeting whims. What's that... love? Like a rabbit in headlights, dull tinted insight of something we can never hope to know outright. Out of sight. Out of mind. How cruelly kind.

Over our own eyes we hold these Lilly lies, a prize of vanity. Memories in masquerade, we play charades with nothing but echoes of what was real.

Sepia-toned torment twisted into... in two directions. One up and two down. Deep down, buried along with the dozen hatchets which, not surprising, have lost none of their lustre. These new visions we herald on pedestals, revered and draped in silken curtains. These uncertain shrouds endeavouring, clouding cleverly that which we once held dear. Not now however we try, wherever we pry, what do we find? Naught but tinted dreams. No... Not even that, we find rose-tainted tissues of lost moments. Gone for good? Forbid for bad.

Not seeing, not hearing, not feeling, just fearing, always weary of the secrets hidden in our souls. Mere shadows of the truth do we gaze upon, like subconscious cattle we graze along, forever along, together alone.

Just leave it alone... please, go home. I believe my own. What i see with my own. I will not disown... Allow me these little lies. My lying eyes. My Lilies

------------------ An Afterthought ------------------

Monologue duet, for we who forget: Lilies in reverse, elegant flood of emotional crud, that beautiful blood falling skywards. Sly words easing our suffering hearts, like legendary rivers it parts to... blissful blank canvas. Clean slate, it's never too late.
We're talking to ourselves, right in front of each other
Every woman for herself, no time for her Sister
Just take a minute, will you sit right there
In it to win it, that's all they care.


So are the lilies a metaphor for your perception of the world?
I very much like this piece of poetry. Very insightful... and retrospective. Or, at least, how I understand it.


*nods* yep Lilies are the metaphor for it, hehe usually people don't seem to understand that poem but I am glad you've probably got it and I am glad you enjoyed it eck gotta go cook dinner now *hmmfs*


Well good! I'm glad I understood the metaphor!
I hope you'll post some more poetry; it's really nice work.

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