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1 adult 6 teens die in fire, my nephew could have - The Gay Christian Network

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been there. (It was 5 teens, that was a typo) Thanks be to God he was visiting his mom with his kids. He's been messing up and only gets to come over when the babies do. He was living at that house. He's really hurting, but thank God he's alive. His name is Adam. Please pray for him and his lost friends. I was sipposed to get a text with their names, but haven't received it yet. I'll let you know when I get it. I'm sorry for the families, but I am rejoicing that he is alive. I kinda feel guilty and insensitive. But, he's one of my nephews. I'm grateful to not be burying him. Your loving sister in Christ, always, kel


I will keep Adam in my prayers, as well as pray for those who died. Praise God that Adam got out.


Those are pretty common feelings, kel. It's also normal. Will pray for all those who are grieving. Will also pray that this horrific will bring Adam closer to the Lord. I can also rejoice with you, kelly, my friend!