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A question for Group Members - Poetry Group

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Since joining this group, I have come across many wonderful poems that have spoken directly to my heart. Some poems I would love to write down (with the author's name of course) and keep forever.

My question is if many others of you feel the same, and how willing we all would be to allow people to keep a copy of our poetry. I know I would not mind it at all if someone kept record of some of my poems, so long as they kept my name as well.

This is just something that has been on my mind and I wanted to know the general thoughts and feelings.



Personally, I don't mind at all :]


I am a Creative Writing Tutor, Poet and Writer and have no problem with you asking and getting permission to record a poem, so long as my name is attached. I always think it is very flattering when asked.


I don't mind :3


yes I would be flattered too just as long as you keep my name in the poems body.


I would also be flattered, but again as long as it had my name, I so would not appreciate my work being stolen and another's name on it if you know what I mean haha... have been a victim of this - was not nice xxx