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Tender is the time when love forsoothes,
bitterness sublime in many a hearts youth,
the world amiss of their chaotic song;
confusion and rage dance furiously,
when errors are right and corrections are wrong.
Wars are raged in reality's spite,
and though as painful as a rabid dog's bite,
hate becomes a natural feeling,
even to those as innocent as a dove -
this world never sees the beauty in love.
Shallow hearts and shallow faces -
all the same from different races;
influencial strangers the lot,
realizing too late their actions begot.
In tumult this world falls in dismay
beauty is lost in false gander each day -
as t'were passion dies from impudent machismo ways.
Fear is the Leader, Paranoia its General -
this is the Future, could it be Eternal?
Thoughtless decisions lead to unecessary mistakes,
the rest of the lot follow in ache -
this is the life, without the living,
this is the life of pointless existing.


Yiah-yiah, thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you like it.

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