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your miles away but yet i can still feel your touch

i feel your finger tips slides down my face

tell me you love me and you want me


Miles away your scent continues to seduce me
The tightening of my thighs only increase the feeling
Of you inside me
As I say your the only one I want
And my love for you is the only thing I need


when i'm laying in bed i can still see you laying next to me but i know its all in my mind

your not really there but the thought that you want to be

just makes my life a whole lot easier

i'll give you my heart just don't tear it apart


As I'm lying here wishing you were here
Wishing u could feel the.warmth of my love
But its only a wish as I ponder
What to do with my throbbing body
As I hold your heart the most precious part of you
A heart never to break


but every night when drift off into a deep sleep dreaming of you i wake up happy and i quick get up to look for you

my heart shatters after realizing it wasn't real

i can feel my heart pounding for you

i hold back the pain of missing you

just trying to lie to myself saying that i'm strong and i don't need you

but i remember how much of a joke that really is when my hot tears pour down my face


But you must remember the dream will become real
Miles away I near you heart pounding
And it calls me back to you
Knowing the mask of strength you.wear
Your body won't let you forget me
Because I am the one that softly kisses your tears.away
Then.turn your feelings.of.sadness into pleasure


and should I wake to discover
that it is this dream i enter
and find my will too shrill to my ear
should my mind persuade my senses
and all of my defenses to deny
that i have ever slept soundly
when walking throughout it all

say yes then or say no then
and at least i know
that i live, and the sound i make
has resonated in part
within some one elses heart
he allowing me to be me
hoping us to be us.

expecting no more
and pledging no less
coveted prize, unwrapped entire.
or destroyed by
un-scarring fire
which in vacuum echos
of this fire without air.


i awake from my dream and i don't bother to look for you but i hear

good morning beautiful

i think its just my phone or its the tv but i feel someone sitting at the edge of my bed

i look over and its you


Have you missed me with a smirk on my face.
I look your body up and down and gaze as its the first time I've seen you
Making me need what my body so desperately longed for


A tear falls.down you cheek. So I gently kiss it away
A kiss ur mouth letting you know how much I missed you
I look your body up and down yearning to touch what I missed
All those nights of longing look to be coming t an end


and when the end comes near
I wil lay still,
On the sweat of my bed,
I listen into the dark night,
Feeling a mystical force
in flight,
Echoing my feelings,
That may never be,
I awake knowing,
I must set these cravings free.
I stand by the gleasning window,
Of a bright day of broken dawn,
And know that my search,
Has just begun,
Caressing myself,
With stinky fingers of want,
I see an innocent bird,
Forging for food;
I feel the hunger,
That gropes,
Inside my loins,
Waiting for the stranger,
I saw at night.


i stare off into the night sky watching the stars in the sky just glistening

then i feel you embrace me from behind and i turn to look bk at you

and there is the stars in her eyes

i hold her as we just look off at the magical big night sky


and we ponder
for a minute in time,
where will this moment take us
feeling the warmth of each other.

I step back and draw her to the bed,
caressing the sheets,
warming the moment,
that is to preceed,
An engagement of sorts,
as our minds wander,
under the sheets.

anticipating of the one,
I hold so dear,
she is far away,
but my heart is near.