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Dark, twisted Demons of the Heart
dare prey upon thy wretch'd soul,
that I should dare so freely to start -
these Taiko beats of a different toll.

T'was once so sublime,
my Love so fierce, t'were a different time,
whence Passion rang free -
that by and by for thee,
I dare think'st of the World,
my Soul was yours, though Damned, unfurled.

Dost thou dare curse mine self?
You, who art thou a Goddess, my beloved canvas -
whom leaves thy wordful lips to be bereft
whilst I gaze upon thine soul, thy Lux Aeternus -
For I see not a sculpture of simplicity,
that even in the Holiest sepulchre of clarity,
within You keep'th a complex web of tapestry -
where I, nor anyone, could dare fathom to truly see.

Damned am I for eternity,
marred with the Black Hand of devilish desire,
in tumult I spiral into burning sanctity -
with mine Heart yours to keep alive in perpetual fire.
Can'st thou not see, my beloved Lyre -
You are thy Bard upon highest spire,
my spark, my Muse, of such atrocity...
As that of an Inspiration I take from thee.

Brooding days hath pass me by,
with Time so short and nigh,
that mine Soul dare fades in due crime,
with a Past and Fate intertwined.

Forgive'th this Fool of fools,
this Fox of a Jester's tool,
for life dare forcefully free itself from me,
where I am weak to fight it's feral glee -
And know when in wreckoning days,
when your life seems in disarray,
Forever close will I be -
with these Taiko beats in pulsating role,
my Love, with thee, in your Heart and Soul.


yet still to be moved
but time robbing me
of time to be moved
for it is I that parish
out of judgment
or twist of fate
that my name will
too soon be published
as "the late"
for only a small measure
of blood can pass
through this vessel
before sands stop
with none to turn
the funnel right.
good night and good day
and till when can be then
and now still recall
it was, it is and shall be
forever ours ever hours.
beat for me.


Wow, this is a phenomenal work! It seems to have Shakespearean or Old English influences which gives it a beautiful melody and rhythm; this kind of language has slowly been forgotten, so it's wonderful to see that it's still alive.

By far my favorite part is "You, who art thou a Goddess, my beloved canvas -/ whom leaves thy wordful lips to be bereft / whilst I gaze upon thine soul, thy Lux Aeternus -" I think this speaks to me most because art and light are two great fascinations with me. Thank you so much for sharing this; it is by far the best work I have read in a good while.


Welcome :] & Thank you for the kind words Erin, I appreciate it.


Who was this writen for? If I may ask?



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