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first kiss - Lesbian Ladies

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hey everybody, just curious about your first kiss. how was it, what is your story!? any annecdote? was it with a girl or a boy, what did it mean to you?

the other night I just thought about how my first kiss was so meant to be perfect and I wasn't ready for the situation wich was so perfect! I was near the river and we were looking to the moon. she made me realized how the moon was beautifull and then she came closer and kissed me. I didn't do anything.., then I repulse her because I felt bad not doing anything just because I didn't know what to do. I felt like I was a little girl, I was so embarassed!(I was already 18 and I didn't know how to kiss:S...yes I had my first kiss at 18..:S) then she jumped in the river and I followed her and then we went back to her house and... it finished well


I wish mine meant more, but meh. And it wasn't until I was 22 or so. I'm pretty sure I was the only lesbian in my hometown.


First kiss:

I met a guy when I was fourteen, he was eighteen. I was pretty nervous as I thought I should have had my firs kiss earlier than that. He asked if he could kiss me, I laughed and told him no for like two weeks, finally he was sitting next to me, and I said, "Okay, fine, just do it already." He did. First kiss over.

First kiss with a girl:

It was awful, my very close friend who got with me and I broke up with her two days later with out ever actually seeing her came over. We started pillow fighting on my bed and then I tackled her and I kissed her, we started making out and went "all the way"... it was bad in my opinion.

Other memorable "first" kisses:
First time with a guy who I wanted to kiss- We were sitting on the bus after flirting all day.. which was only one day of the ten years of flirting we knew each other, I pointed to a bag that was behind us and was like, "What is that" He turned to look and I kissed him. XD

First spontaneous kiss:
I met this dude and sort of automatically liked him, I was young and stupid and we were sitting on my friend's bed waiting for her to come back. I just lead over and kissed him square on the lips

First kiss on a dare:
Surprisingly wasn't until I was 16... my best friend who was a cute but a bit bitchy chick and I were hanging out with our two guy friends. They dared us to kiss, so we did... sort of the most unemotional kiss I ever had, like kissing my cousin.

O_O I just realized other than my first kiss I initiated all my other kisses.


First kiss was with a guy, when I was 18. He was sooo drop dead gorgeous, and he really liked me. He was trying to scope out if I was single or not, so he got me chatting. Every time I mentioned a guy's name he'd ask who he was [close friends, brothers], until finally I mentioned that my best friend was gay and I was active in the gay community. Then he asked what I was, and I said I was bisexual. Asked me if I've dated both, and I said no, I had never dated, let alone kissed any.

Then he asked if I was interested in him. Cue blush. Then he asked me if he could kiss me.

It was so sweet!! Even if he did turn out to be a jackass later when some of his relatives didn't like me.


Aw, Jess, guys can be cute sometimes. XD I'm sorry he turned into jerk though.


I still feel weird when I think back upon it. His immediate family still loves me btw [and still trying to get us back together, 3 years later...].

My current bf is ridic sweet. I'm pretty sure he was a girl in his last life... anyhow he told me a while back he originally planned to have our first kiss as a nice end to our first date. But as soon as he came in the door to pick me up on said date, he took one look at me, sighed, told me I was beautiful and then kissed me. Not really even a kiss, more of a brush of the lips. And then he promptly knocked his head against the wall for jumping the gun and "ruining" everything HAHAHA


Aww. *giggles*


I put a fake frame on the dent on the wall about two months later. He didn't seem to think it was as funny as I did. [wonders why]

I'm a pretty reserved person, I dont even hold hands unless there's something significant. So other than these two, I've only kissed two other people. Though I've run like heck from my friend who seems to really like kissing girls [she's straight... it's an Asian girl thing, kissing other girls for fun].


my first kiss was wen i was 12. it was to my boyfriend he was 13 at the time (he used to be my best friend) we were playing hide and go seek in his attic wit his little sister and mine. me and him were hiding in a very tight place and i kept thinking about how one of my friends said to kiss him so i did. it wasn't that special.

first kiss wit a girl was wen i went camping i was 13 she was 14. we had been talking about being bi-curious and then she said do you want to try it and i said yes but then my lil cuz walked and we couldn't. my little cuz laid next to me wit the other girl besides me and she started to feel up on me and i got horny and as soon as my cuz left i kissed her. then i heard my grandma outside and i remember how she is against gays so i freaked out and told the girl i was striaght.... later on at my dads wedding we made out though and she later told me i was the only she ever liked.


My first kiss was horrible, I was laying down on this air mattress with this boy that dated my sister for 3 days. He already knew I like someone and at that time I think I was 17? but yeah , I was laying there almost falling asleep and all the sudden he went under my blanket and starting touching me up and kissing me with his nasty ass stinky drunk lips and said how he really likes me and wants to be with me so I push him away and told him how I don't like him at all, and that I was in love with a girl.

One year later I met this girl and we were laying on her bed and she slowly kiss my lips, I been with her for 2 years and 10 months before we broke up. I am now 19 and I still consider this my real first kiss . Me and her are still in good terms


my first kiss was with my best friend,

we were drinking playing truth or dare jenga,
anyway she pulled a block saying kiss the perso to your left
ohh and guess who that was...me yeah, and i have been getting
that vibe that she's into me as more than a best friend
so i was wondering how it would play out and i was shy about kissing
her in front of a bunch of our friends...but she turned to me grabbed my
chin and slowly kissed me, and it ended up being longer than i
thought it would be for like a dare kiss....
either way she's my best friend in the whole world and
i obviously wouldnt have minded more


My first kiss was with a guy.
Was guy that I worked with, I was 16 he was 18. He tried soooo hard on our first date to do all those cute 'sneak-a-kiss' tricks, like hiding then appearing out of no where to try and kiss me and other stuff. I kept turning him down, well I let him kiss my cheeks, because it felt like a big deal to me. It was my first relationship and I wanted it to mean something. It only took about another week or so when we kissed. I had teased him so he started tickling me and then he went to kiss me on the cheek and instead of letting him, I turned my head and we kissed on the lips. He was kinda shocked at first but then we started making out.
The guy turned out to be a dick and has been the only person to really make me do anything stupid (popped pills and cut myself for months because of him).


it was a girl
i was 15ish
been hooked ever since XD lol


My first kiss with Gf #1 (All of them were pretty radically different, so I'm doing them seperately. XD):

Her name was Victoria. Anyways, we'd already been dating for just under a month. I was in eighth grade. We'd gone to see an exhebition at the Pacific Science center, I forget what the exhibit was for. Anyways, we'd already gone through the exhibit, and now we were walking through the Butterfly room, just casually holding hands and staring intently at this one pink and black butterfly, when I suddenly got the urge to kiss her. I was intending for a peck on the cheek, but she'd just turned towards me to point out this one really pretty butterfly, and I ran square onto her lips. XD That was a little interesting...

First kiss with GF #2:
Technically, not really a kiss. Anyways, I was in 10th grade. We were pretty good friends, and we were walking out of history class when I popped my last piece of gum into my mouth. I'd totally forgotten that she'd been wanting a piece of this gum, and when she called me out on it, there wasn't much I could do. So she pulled my head down (I'm much taller than her), smacked me full on the lips, slipped her tongue in, and stole the gum right out of my mouth. Technically wasn't a kiss, but everyone around us thought it was, so they technically thought we were dating. Then, a week later, we were. XD

First kiss with Gf #3:
We'd just finished with our first date, and I was in 11th grade (This wasn't that long ago). She's one of my good friends, and she'd been needing a ride home, so naturally, I drove her. When we arrived at her house, she thanked me very much, explained how wonderful the night was, and then grabbed my chin lightly and full-on kissed me on the mouth. XD I wasn't really expecting it, but it was a pretty nice surprise. xD

And now I've just realized that I've only ever dated girls who are shorter than I am... 0.o


First Kiss a girl EVER:

I was in school. AWW PUPPY LOVE haha
her and I were together, I asked her out
but didnt have the courage to kiss her..
i was scared, shaky, AND i didnt even know if it was right hahaha
we were in different classes and I got a text from her to meet her in
an outside hallway that no one went to during class hours.
I excused myself from class to the "bathroom" ( ;D )
I was waiting for her and i saw her walking alone
we were talking for a while ,
holding hands and walking around the school..blah blah blah
and before we had to get back to class

.... !!!!!!!!!! .............

she kissed me
my eyes were open but then i felt them shutting...
it felt right

&& it was the softest kiss ever.

when i went back to class, and the rest of that day,
i had thee biggest smile on my face.

hahaha that's my story


with a boy in primary school it felt yucky x

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