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to be out, or not to be out - Gay Guys! <3

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guess ive known i am into it, but only in my mind... as of yet that is. i would like to hear from anyone about what ever is on their mind. im married, yeah.. i know, but she doesn't, and im a young 50ish straight acting man... i just do not have any friends i can really talk about this stuff. anyone up for a conversation...


Sat., March 5th, 11, 20:40 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hey Bud.,
Cuming Out Can B Tough. Its Not Easy. Your in Guelph.There Should B Lots of Gay Support Groups in the Toronto Regions Plus Few in Brampton, Oakville,
Guelph, Kitchener, Missassauga, You Name It.
Good Luck, Let Us Know Ho You Make Out, OK.


Cell 1 403 615 2744 (24/7)


Bob, I'm with you. It took me 25 years to come out...even to my close friends. I was so far in the closet, I was hiding UNDER Harry Potter.
But, I have a liberal family, very liberal friends, and work for a pro-gay company, so it was easy to do when I was finally ready. The real truth is you owe it to your own happiness, and your real friends will stay with you no matter what.
Best wishes,


Bob. I was married for about 20 years. I was and still am straight acting but i found no interest in sex with the wife. I found a very good gay psychologist that I saw every couple of weeks for about 4 years. He didn't say, "do this" or "do that" but just let me find my own level and he did not charge outrageously high fees either. When I started operating as my true self I found the words, "the truth shall set you free" were spot on. I was about 47 when I came out. It is a gradual process, it is tough at the time but you will eventually be a better person for it.
Later on my wife and I were divorced but strange as it may seem, we are the best of friends now and go out for dinner together sometimes. I have had to re-invent my life and I have closer friends now than I ever had before. It's part of the reason I'm at this site now.

If you want to chat, email me at johnferguson@mmnet.com.au anytime.

All the best, John.


@Bob everyone here has giving you great advice and I would only say take things slow and easy.Coming out is hard to do but it is harder to do when you are married. Good Luck and keep us inform and if you ever need help just ask I know there are a lot of good people on here that will help..Welcome to the site..


thanks for all the encouragement, I will continue to look toward getting it all together for myself. On a brighter note, being in the drivers seat and traveling along, I can't read the map... too bad I didn't have a GPS I could consult with... LOL I just realized a gps could be a gay person of support... and looks like perhaps I may have 1 or 2 after all. thanks again.


You will always have support here..


I'd say the same as Michael. You know, I only found this site a week ago and already I'm getting to know people in very special ways. You can't ask for much better. This is the best site I have found for talking to and getting to know some really lovely guys. I really value the support and friendship of people who I've only just bgun to get to know.