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Prayers for T. she is haqving seizuries. - The Gay Christian Network

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With all that has been going on, T has had 2 major seizure and they were pretty bad! She gets stress seizures. She has a hearing next week to see if her attorney and judge will agree she is permantly disabled because of medical reasons.. And with cancer being back, the seizures are the bodies way of releasing all the all the nervous energy.


Tell her we are with her heart body and soul and I know that God is by her side.


T here...thank you all for your prayer support. I know that Debbie wants the best for me so she turns to the best of her friends for support. I have to admit I got a bit upset with her posting this because I don't want people taking pity on me but she assured me that you would all be a support system of grace and prayers and for that I thank you. T.


Debbie & T,
Your in the best hands possible, Gods hands will make you well for he is and always will be the divine healer. Your in My Thoughts & Prayers always. God Bless You Both


My cousin has severe epilepsy. From me you get empathy. I've had a grand mal seizure. I know how scary they are. I haven't commented, but I have prayed. My heart is with you during your troubles. No pity involved. Much love and any support I can give. Always, kel