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Could not find my post for this poem so here it is again! Please let me know what you think of it and let me know how it make you feel.

"Special Moments, Never Forgotten"

To grab it,
To sort it,
To feel it,
The confusion sets in;
And the feelings over flow,

You walk away,
And then run,
And as the sweat,
Drips down,
Stinging your eyes,
You stop.

Looking into,
A distant fog,
In your mind,
You wait,
For reality to seep,
Into the dream,
Your mind,
Grasping to keep a memory,
For that moment in time,
That was so perfect,

Finding a way,
In your mind
With the eye
To keep it.
A box,
To lay it still,
To open,
And gone,
The memory,
In cemented cells,
Stay in the mind,
For a winters storm.

Jeanie Rose 3-3-2011

3 days ago by Jeanie Baker


While I'm not very into poetry with such short phrasing, I actually like this more than I thought I would. (Just another reason not to judge things how they look, I guess!) In any case, this made me think of times when I was alone most of my time, but I would take happy memories of my friends and tuck them away so I could think about them if I ever became lonely. Tucking away memories like that always make me feel like I'm storing a special kind of light, keeping it hidden so it is all the more bright when it is brought out into the open.

Thank you for sharing your work!


Your welcome. Yes this poem comes from a story that was true based set in germany in WWII and I wrote this in like 5 minutes, and then I related to my own memories and reversed the lines to make it a bit different and played with the forthcoming lines to interwine all the meanings together as one. The woman who survives becomes bitter but her other lesbian friend had a better outlook on life and I grabbed onto what the positive one said and wrapped my thoughts into it, of how I thought of my own memories. I am glad you liked it!


Like Erin said, even though I'm not much for short phrasing, this poem really hits home. I feel the curtness of the lines gives it a desperate, disoriented emotion... all the while trying to fight against. It's very thoughtful; it's something I could see coming back to for inspiration or deep conversation. Very nice work; I hope you will post more.

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