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your voice is like the lyrics
your laugh is like the melody
you just being here is the entire song
now the music is gone

but i can hear the music faintly in the bk of my mind
i hear her say i love you mama with her smile

and now i smile knowing the memories are still vivid and alive
as she still loves me

but that was then when i was blind now your with her and i'm just fine i'm ready to move on

every now and again i hear the music and i smile knowing that your finally happy

don't worry i am happy too and i always will be


That is so sweet Alexa- To be able to move on- and not be bitter or sad.
I am sure you were sad and upset at first (if this is about you) but to grow and have a great memory is so much healthier and makes you an open minded person who can understand there is a reason for everything!!
I hope you will or have found someone you can be happy with too.!


thanks i appreciate that

i was upset and i was crushed but i'm happy shes found her one and only now

i just have yet to find mine


You will. Its been a long struggle for me too but now I think I found someone special that makes me feel good and I know I make her feel good too. Now we are making plans to being together in the future


i just wish i had ppl like this when i actually broke up with my ex

time was hard and i just was hurt beyond all belief


well you do not Alexa- better late than never- right!!
You seem like a pretty level headed person and the right one will come your way, just be smart and careful and sincere and you will get there again I am sure.