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Advice for my 'first time' - Lesbian Ladies

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Esssh, blushing as I post this... but has anyone got any advice for my 'first time' :$. I am ridiculously nervous, not even really met anyone yet anyway so not a major concern at the moment but was just wondering! Thank you


Be safe, and be sure about the person you're with. Not everyone gets to pick their first time [and not everyone gets to pick if they want to], so do cherish it.


Being nervous in the first time is normal, the unsure feeling and struggling, maybe spending more time on the foreplay and enjoy it, then do what you want to do


let things come naturally
explore what makes you feel good, chances are it will also make your partner feel good


Definitely do it for you, not to please someone else. That's what I did, and I regret it every day.


I agree with the others, be sure of who you want to be with, let it be natural, and do it because you want to not because someone else does. I'm sure you know most of that though.


Also, as for in bed, I may not of have sex with a bunch of people, but if everyone kisses differently I imagine that everyone does things in bed differently. Be open minded but also don't be afraid to talk. One of my partners and I played a little game where every time we got into it there was rules so I could warm up to the idea. Seriously telling someone what you do like and what you don't like is okay (and I love it personally), if they get offended offer instruction on what you think might be nice and if they don't want it... well, some people don't like to learn and I have a hard time tolerating that.


:O :O i want some advice 2, i really wanna loose it.... is it true that to go down on someone you spell out the alphabet on their clit x


lmfao haha weeellll if thats ur technique " the abc's" lol then suure y not there differents ways the job can get done a b c's and 1 2 3's are just the beginning


I've never gone 'All the way' per-se...
but, for starters, the first time me and a girl got intimate it was a night of trailing our fingers along eachother's bodies... it was so hot, and I got REALLY wet.
tracing hearts, shapes, names, words, and loopdy loops...

If this doesn't get you both excited enough to rip eachother's clothes off, it wasn't meant to be... take it from me, but if you leave it there you will both feel nice and your affection will still manage to be intimate and loving...
I felt very satiated after the experiance~