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Tiny Dancers - Poetry Group

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so this one isn't the best, but, its not overly depressing, like most of my stuff haha

Tiny dancers,
sway above my head.
They run through
meadows of green and sit
under a tall willow tree.
They sing me songs and
laugh and joke. I hear them
all around me, a sound so
soothing, I find myself lulled
to sleep. And in my sleep,
they continue to dance. They
dance in and out of my heart.
Tiny dancers leap onto my
bed and keep me warm. They
comfort me with their
movement. They hide
away all that has left me
feeling down with the soft
touch of their hands.
Tiny dancers on the moon
above my head. They play
hide and seek with one
another. The familiar sound
of their laughter brings me to
tears of happiness. I want to
be a tiny dancer. I want to
laugh and play and be care
free. “Bring me with you!”
I whisper to them. They smile
and hold my hand but shake
their heads and walk away
leaving me all alone. I’m alone.
But the grass tickles me softly
as if to remind me it’s still here
with me and the willow wraps
its branches around me to keep
me warm. I smile and drift
farther into sleep, dreaming of
tiny little dancers.

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