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"To Have or Have Not' - Poetry Group

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What to posses?
And never to forget!

Wer are creatures with needs:
To have love,
In the palm of our hand,
To let it go,
You Must;
If you can,
For it to be True.....
In the end.

Birds will come back
To sit in the nest,
Thrown to savage openings,
Of a world that never rests.

Obsessive with pain,
Until we have learned,
Letting sorrow in,
Greeting us like a friend,
Who entertains us,
With Great stories,
Till exhaustion,
Catches the sandman,
And bloodshot eyes ,
Tells us this must end.

Life is a meagerie,
People claim to see you,
So delicate and Fragile;
But life is this way!

With circles of life,
bubbling over,
Watching the past,
Floating away,
Never to Posses,
But never to forget !

Jeanie Rose 5-4-95
I thought of this as I was floating on a boat watching the water churn in the back and watch the waves drift away.


Thank you! I just wrote another one a few minutes ago. After watching Amiee and Jaguar, about 2 lesbian women during WWII in Berlin. One was a jewish artist and writer and the other a wife of a Nazi officer that dies during the war but they were divorced when he found out she was gay.
It made me realize how memories for all of us stay with us all our lives and makes us who we are. If we are selfish and hang on too tight it can make for a miserable life, or the memories especially the bad ones, that helped me realize tonight need to be put to bed which I did a long time ago and I see how I have changed because I grew from those unfortunate circumstances but its all in the perspective of what the memory is about. because good memories can also expand your horizons and they show that comparison of two old friends and what became of them due to those memories and what they did with them. I am submitting the poem in another discussion. It is called "Special Moments, Never Forgotten"


Awesome possum =o I really enjoyed!

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