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-Such a beautiful girl but cold hearted at the time
-Took her time used it precised such a waste of time i draw the line
-I' am gonna make you taste my pain
-With a sour taste and make you die of shame

-Feel my rage as i proceed my poetic verse
-speaking from the heart as i prepare to fuckin curse
-You said I L-O-V-E You now that's gone
-You told me once but i forgot

-Too many tears you left me unsatisfied so i told
-Got tired of trying your shit got old
-A place to cry a place to hurt
-Just watching how it all falls apart and allow it to burn

-My dear what decisions led you to loose yourself
-And all the "love" you once allowed yourself to feel & held
-I refuse to leave this way, my heart chooses to speak
-As my ink bleeds on paper like eyes through my blank sheets

-Teach me how to forgive and forget
-Just the thought of you in someone else' s bed drives me fuckin insane
-Allowing hate to invade my space
- Let it seal and walk away

-Guess your list was short on pros & overwhelmed with cons
-So now your GONE and got me sayin "im so fuckin DONE"
-A constant intuition that keeps pushing replay
-One day u' ll realized you made a mistake , but it might be a little too late

-I' ve been replaced im aware of this
-Disturbing bitterness as i give you my last kiss
-So fuckin afraid of letting this shit go
-To learn once again of how to be alone

-The memory of you is what i must let go
-I dont think im ready for a new start
-Refusing the entrance of arrows to my heart
-As I Paint over pain on my fucked up wall
-And watch it melt just like a work of art

-But time just doesn' t lie i truly tried
-As you took the easy route and said goodbye
-My heart pounds and watch how my veins bleed
-Baby how could you? What caused you to cheat

-My stanza froze
-i broke, no effin joke
-Let my curtain close
-come back don' t go
-You left your gone
-Guess at the end she won
-I' m just simply done

-My ink finally finished
-Our story reached its limit
-That' s the way it goes I suppose
-When you hear "I no longer Love you and your torn"

-Was it really worthed cheating on me?
-At the end my heart realized your intentions were weak
-You regret it , go practice what you preach
-As I buried my heart 6 feet under me

-My pride stands firm and cold
-Go with ure bitch isnt that what you choose
-My darlin for you Im heartless
-Infatuation gone when ure no longer wanted

-Lie to me it might make you feel a little better
-As you find yourself alone through a stormy weather
-I gave you all my love and you decided to cheat
-Tell me was it worth it? my dear ure simply dismissed

-Go fix ure mistake false pretence don' t fake a smile
-Your eyes betray you I knw ure unhappy simply vile
-I can no longer help you you betrayed my love and all my trust
-Illusions undone I'm a little gone I'm simply done

The E.N.D

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