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Love Unkown, yet so true. I love you. - Poetry Group

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I need to get away, far away to a place unknown. I'm deprived of the everlasting thing we know as love, with which without, I am nothing but a shell of a woman. I have so much to give, offer, and express to make sure my love has only the best. I want someone who will lift my heart with joy, to create an ever-lasting bond. Where are you my princess? Come out come out wherever you are. Please don't be afraid, I’ll love you like no one has, and that’s a promise. And I may not be perfect, but then again I don’t try to be, unless of course for you my darling. If you’d let me, I’d kiss you all day with your lips like morphine, which are my addiction; your beautiful eyes to stare into like the stars in the sky to remain forever lost; and your sweet caress which is that of pure ecstasy with every touch more fragile and sweet than the next. I long for you my love, I need you like the Earth needs the sun, and you brighten my days and keep me warm like no one can. You manage to always put a smile on my face with your marvelous embrace. Life without you is like life without air, a day without food, without you I just don’t care. If I had my choice of any dime, I’d pick you girl every time. I want us to be together forever, to be one love, one heart, one life so true. I may not know you, but I’m crazy about you. How long must I wait to be happy once more? C’mon girl, come see me now, you’re the one I adore. I miss you even though we’re not acquainted, but I hope and pray that we can be. Please my love unknown, I know what we have is true, be mine, be mine forever. You’re the only one for me and the only one who ever will be. I love you.


Beautiful... Just beautiful.. ..


There is that someone for you and try to remember along the way that the journey of your life will make you the best love for that someone. Learn and grow from every experience, then you will be truely ready.