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@ Patrick: how are you diong these day?

@ ian: hey dude, havn't seen you in a while, what's up?!

@ michael: how did the test go, how are you feeling?

@ kelly: how are you doing, you hanging in there?

@ andre: how you doing?

@ jasmin: how are doing this week?

@ andrew: hi

@ dave: what have you been up to?

@ jodie: Whatsaup!11

@ marianne: how are you feeling these days girl!

@ jeanie: whatcha been up to?

@ sherina: what is a black lemonade?

I have been going to PT and I finally got three new excersises too do so I am a very happy camper about that. T's parents have called twice and each time they have said they love her and her mom even told her both times to say "hi" to debbie. We cried both times with such joy and an incredible peace! So thanks to all of you out there for your prayers!!! They truely worked!!

I went into the doctors for my lyme resuts and found out I had two of the 5 markers and am very low on another indicator s so they are running more blood work. If this comes back positive then he's send me to a specialist I Infectious Diseasees..............kinda makes me feel like a BIG BUG!!!

Take care and God Bless you!


Thursday, Feb 24th, 11, 18:45 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hi Debbie,
Not Sure Jut What the Medical Issues are as Such. Just Trust Things Will Work Out for You, OK. Oh Yes, Still Like That Wonder full Dark Blue Picture of Wolf.
Really Great to.


Hi D.D.
I am ok thank you for asking, I am a bit under the weather, but I always get sick when / or before a storm or it rains.
I remember when you could drive "Bugs" a nick name for Volkswagon, but that is so last century. I hope you get better.


Yes I'm hanging in there. too mean to quit. I'd rather laugh at myself than cry about it.. After all this too shall pass. Sorry about the lymes thing its no fun. I have a friend with lymes and fibromyalgia. I have the latter. It alone is bad and I am priveledged enough to have arthritis with it. and I'm nuts too. lol I'll be ok there is only one set of footprints right now but it will get better. prayers for you all. always, kel


Hey Debbie,

Right now we are all fighting the crud. My grandson was visiting us last week and had a virus, and decided to leave us something to remember him by. It is nasty stuff, but we are getting better by and by.

Other than that, all is well here.

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