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I see the glimmer in your eye,
surrounded by the darkest abyss,
You were already gone when we met,
but I never realized what was amiss.

You led me to believe you were alive,
something beautiful and so real,
Coaxing my heart and senses astray,
in your heartless attempts to feel.

I've opened my eyes to the evil you are,
closed off my heart; lock and key,
The monster I bedded and thought I loved,
taught my heartache a new way to see.



i can relate to this.
i know someone just like that...its like u describe her exactly.


i can relate to this as well, well worded


Thanks ladies, and I believe everyone can relate to it at some point... of course I wrote this not too long ago and later came to find out it wasn't entirely so, but regardless. It was the feeling of the moment. =P And certainly something from past if not the nearer passing.

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