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Sunlight shining through the trees,
a tunnel of leafy green.
Birdsong calls me on,
the constant company I keep.

Shadows float over my face;
Oak, Beech, Maple, Ash.
The stream beside me is my guide,
on this journey that must come to pass.

Follow the road before me,
an open-ended path.
Branches reach to embrace me,
a meadow full of grass.

The gates of heaven are to me
- not the pearly white or saintly gold -
but the blue, the yellow, the green.
In Nature's solitude I can rest my eyes.
There, the soul is free


I so totally agree, that's why I live in a national forest!


:O I'm jealous!!!


Its so wonderful to look out the windows of my house and see deer less than ten feet away or chipmunks stuffing their cheeks with the seed I throw out for all of the birds that visit every morning. I love sitting in my recliner and watching the soft snow fall like I'm in a snow globe on the trees. Watching the fawns in the spring with their fuzzy spots and the foxes and the ocassional fisher cat (kinda scary creature) or hearing the drumming of the rare bear footprints down the driveway in the dark.

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