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Lord, have I fallen from grace.
Find me tattered, torn, and bruised
on the street corner. I don’t know
what I’ve done to get me here. Stop
these tears from falling. It only makes
me feel weaker. I once was held
together like book ends. So strong,
so proud, But I’ve lost that. I’ve lost
every part of me I’ve loved. Every
bit of control I’ve gained has been
thrown into the pits of hell. And oh,
have I fell right beside them. I ran
towards the light, but it turns out I’m
running in quick sand and I’ve gone
under. The little air I have left wasted
on your love. Oh how I’ve loved you.
But now I gasp for air, I’m left with
nothing. Nothing but with what could
have beens, maybes and if onlys.
Suddenly, it all goes black. And I
drift in time. I try pulling myself out
but I just go deeper. My cries for help
turn into whispers, and whispers
into the wind.
Lord, have fallen from grace.


my cries for help turn into whispers, and my whispers into the wind
love those lines XD
so i c u finished one



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