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I fell in
I couldn’t get out.
I tried climbing but I slid deeper
and deeper down the rabbit hole.

I was shrinking;
I was getting smaller.
But wait.
What’s this… a daughter.

Beautiful, Precious and his.
Blinded were my eyes
I have trapped myself in
My lies.

I passed through the double doors,
Only to see my prison, my hell…
His wonderland.

Time is ticking, ticking and ticking
I’m running out of time!
I can feel it.
I have to get my life back,
Maybe I can steal it?

Still deeper and deeper I fell
living in this life of hell
I’m just his toy.
Not again!
Now...A little boy.

Handsome, Strong and his.
Trapped again
Where do I go in this abyss?

I don’t exist anymore.
I exist because he says I exist for him.
I don’t want to exist for him
I want to exist for myself…I want to live.

I have to save myself,
I need to slay the dragon
I must escape this rabbit hole.
I have to take back what
You stole.

But how ?
How do I slay the dragon?
I can’t.
I can only find the cake and eat it.
I have to get bigger.
I have to grow.
Only then can I escape the rabbit hole.

Suddenly I knew, it’s not the cake
I don’t have to slay the dragon.
I just have to open my eyes and wake.

Wiping my brow with my hand
I saved me from my nightmare.

His wonderland.


Nice and intense there Kat. So is this based on your life at all? Tell me more!
about why you wrote this poem.
My poetry is from observations or my life.


This is good! Is this a flashback or a memory?


He use to say i was 'his wonderland" thats were it came from.... yes its a true story.
i wrote this poem just before i left him.
i knew i was goin to finally be free and i had been silent for so long, it just flowed like blood from a fresh cut..


Wow... this is intense lady. *hugs* You are powerful and great. Don't forget it.


thank you kayliegh.

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