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Saturday night, it was T's mom. She said she already knew and were disappionted with her but that she still loved her. Then went on to ask why she had to send it by certified mail and why couldn't she have told them in person. Unfortunately T heard the word "DISAPPOINTED" the loudest and took a tailspin. When I asked how they would know she shared with me some things she never told me before. It made me sad and a bit scared but we all have a past now don't we? It has caused a type of mourning within the house. Yet it is for all of us a moment in time where things shift until we find the different, new and at first difficult path for her folks and us to walk upon in the future. But you know for T it's a more responsible step in helping her to define who she is step. I have felt this deep heavy numbness so many times before that it no longer scares me. For "this too shall pass!". Prayers are needed for T's mental and physical health and that I may be the Lords instrument for good to this precious loved one of mine.


I will keep you both in my prayers. I'm glad it.was not a postal or preaching raving that you received. Remind her that the hardest is over and the painful part will pass. Always, kel


Actually they are Christians who do believe this is wrong! I'm sure there was some of that in the coversation. She was sobbing when she hung up, all I could do was hold her and cry with her. I know the hardest part is over but she will always want to hear her mother and fathers words "I love you". This is a kid who talks to her folks almost daily. Today there was no call. If they already knew why did't they bring it up, do they realize how brave she was? Her mom said she wouldn't tellanyone until T said it was alright. She comes from two big families, about 150 all raised as Christians. One day at a time, or moment by moment if need be. We are more than survivors. We are conquerors bcuz of Christ!!


I will keep you both in my thoughts & prayers. The hardest thing we do is to come out to out family. I know I was terrified. But I realised My Dad with his Christian up bringing, Baptist, He kept telling me this is not what you want ,or what God wants for you. I turned to my Dad and said, God knew who I was, before I ever took my first breath.I know God loves me, because I am his original version of who He wanted me to be. Sometimes parents fear what they don't know. They only want what's best for us. Hang In There God will see you through this.


I told you mom's always know... LOL

Once the drama has gone away, I think T will be able to sit down with her mother and all will be just fine.

I have to think about the letter thing. Probably I would not have done that, even though I did write a letter to one dear friend, because I couldn't be there.

Honestly, I think we take ourselves too seriously. When I think back of all the times I wanted to kick those doors open and didn't, I wonder why. Then of course there is the fear factor, but was T learned, it wasn't such a big deal.

I have a friend who was mad at me when I came out. Not that I was gay, but because he had to learn about it 3rd hand. He didn't care I was gay.

Prayers going out for understanding and healing... Love to you both,


hey let's look at it the other way, and i know this isn't what may have happen, maybe moms ment she was disappointed because of the letter. but on the real i told my aunt, the woman who raise me and she too was disappointed and told me all the tim i live with her that boys where ment for girls and girls for boys. things will be fine for t as long as she has strong people having her back and showing her love. people it seems, like you. i'll keep ya'll in my prays and note that when the rest of the world let you down their is one who will never.