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Ladies Ladies Ladies... Plz tell do anybody know HOW 2 recognize love.... - Lesbian Ladies

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why is love so scary, when that is all you want from another person. So why mess it up if you know that that other person is in love and loves you. YOU! not just the person they see.. all of you. Inside and Out....


For me, I can tell I love someone when they go back to their ex-boyfriends.


I think its just fear that holds a person back or also too past experiences. I think it can even happen when some of the flaws we thought we improved suddenly shows up when we're upset which ends up messing up the relationship.


i agree
for me, commitment scares the crap out of me
i've literally ran in the opposite direction, more than once
but that's bagage speaking for me, ppl screwed with my head when i was younger
i aslo have "daddy" issues, my biological father put me through hell and still tries
i don't like admitting i have issues, but i'm human and we all do
whenever i get close to someone, and notice, hey they make me smile, laugh, feel good, i know something bad is going to happen. i don't like ppl having power over me


Love is scary, because it's the one thing that can always hurt you - whether it means too or not...
Giving yourself to someone means that ultimately - they become part of who you are, and the fear of losing them, is also a fear of losing yourself.
But to live in that fear, is to limit yourself.
As the famous quote goes - Nothing ventured, is nothing gained. And you have to take those risks in order to get anything of value back in return.
You only mess stuff up because its natural to be defensive, but hey - we've all gotta take that leap at some point, and if you've got the courage to stand up and explain that to the other person, you'll probably find out they feel exactly the same.


I sadly have only ever been in love once in my life time. It hurts because i know we can never be together but at the same time I'm happy that I had the chance to experience it.i will always love the person but I also want them to be happy even if it isn't with me


I think there isn't necessarily a "ah hah! this is love!" moment. I think it comes slowly over time, and is evident in the small and minor actions rather than in overt declarations.


I think the thing about love is that you are placing so much trust in someone, in that you are actively putting them in a position from which they can hurt you and theres nothing you can do about it, and trusting that they won't because they love you too. The fact is that this is always gonna be a massive risk to take when you're emotionally investing in that person to such an extent and you are making yourself very vulnerable, and it is that which scares people. It's totally natural to be scared of giving someone so much power over you, even if they respond in kind.

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