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which one hurts most?

a. i love you, goodbye?

b.i never said that i love you?


c.i said i love you, but i lied?

what you think?


I think it depends on a number of factors;
1) Did you love them
2) How much did you love them
3)How much did you believe them when they said "I love you", which I should like to point out is quite different from saying "I am IN love with you".
How much time did you invest in the relationship?
Was it mutual?
I believe that I have found that sometimes loving someone means letting them go, even though you may continue to love them for many years after.
There fore everyone needs to be quite careful about saying those words and concern when they hear them.
You should love yourself enough to pick yourself up and carry on, and in certain cases, the person who left you, will or only can know what they have, once they've lost it.
I think it is very important to love, to bare witness to what can and could be, especially in today's wold.
Imagine, this: your enemies are about to be head you, and you utter the words, "I love you, I forgive you, God Loves you and I pray that He may forgive you!" I wish you peace and joy.

But that is just me.

I think the real pain is never loving anyone, trusting them, caring for them respecting them.

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i think i never love you would hurt most of all


I think that all 3 are hurtful


C. I loved you but I lied, would be crushing.


after reading the other comments i take back what i said. michael is right all 3 would hurt


I do agree that C would hurt, but what comes to mind when I hear that is the song by Micheal Bolton "Said I loved you" which make the wordings seem more presentable. However the one that I think would definitely do damage is I never said that I love you. That to me is very harsh and says a lot, I think once those words are said there is no going back, I would compare it to a slap in the face.


I've been told I love you goodbye, hurts like hell


makes u not want to put yourself out there sometimes

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