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advice - Lesbian Ladies

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I like to always come on here and ask for advice cause most of the time, it works from ya'll and you can relate (or, at least, I hope)

So anyways, my girlfriend and I recently got back together on the 23rd of January and we've known each other for 2 years (also been dating off and on). We occasionally fight about stupid stuff. On weekends everything is completely fine, we're all over each other, we have sex, and we're ourselves, basically we're happy. But then once Monday rolls around she becomes really mean and she acts strange.. like she's avoiding me, and like she doesnt want to talk to me or do anything with me if I suggust to.. pretty much giving me the cold shoulder. The weekdays butcher our relationship. It's her senior year of high school, and I'm already in college but I just don't get the way she acts towards me sometimes. I'm very curious as what to do. Breaking up with her is not an option, because I don't want to lose her again and I'm pretty sure she feels the same way. Obviously, I do realize that it could be because of stress and schoolwork, but normally she wouldn't act like this, and I haven't been doing anything wrong, no fighting or anything. I've asked her what's wrong and she's said that she's "unhappy" and when I ask her what she's unhappy about, she says she doesnt know. I don't know what to do at this point. Should I not communicate with her at all and just let her talk to me when she wants to again?


my advice is...
show that you're weak, and feel hurt because of what she's done to you. I mean try to show that you're sensitive, and the way she acts like that hurt you so bad (but in your style, OK? it doesn't mean that you'll cry out to her...that seems not good) then she'll probably think about her behavior. After that, you're right, leave her alone until she feels better, or knows how to treat you better. Good luck!


speak to her. The fact that you want to break up with her but dont want to lose her again, and u think she feels the same way, is a bad sign. If it's time to let go, let go. If not, then open the channels for communication.

and if u think she's cheating on u, then u should figure out why


i think it's a stunt to pull drama and get attention from you
that's the experience i've had with younger lesbians
she doesn't know how to express herself in a proper way, so she hurts you, ignors you, and sometimes tries to make you jealous
she acts all depressed and take it out on you
if it were me, i'd get the hell out of there
but bc you're not me, i suggest going with your gut instinct
try to talk to her about it, be mature, if she's not communicating properly, really think, do you want to live like this for the rest of ur life?


burned much, Brit?

But anyhow I think it's easy to say we're all in agreement that you should talk. Don't play games, just cut straight to the chase. Lay out your concerns and feeligns, and let her do the same. Then talk.


nah, just observant.

but it's seems to be talking will get you somewhere
good luck


mmm younger people just take a different type of handling. Same with older. Keep us updated Quinn!


well, she broke up with me. In the end she said she was unhappy and that her mind wasn't in it anymore, but she also said she still loved me. I'd like to try to get her to want me back again