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HELP - Lesbian Ladies

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well hheeyyy im new to being "curious"

is it rude to tell someone i only want to have sex? i dont think im ready for a relationship with a girl

but a sexual one with girl or girls only is what im looking for!

help me !!!


Is there someone in particular you want to have sex with? Because that would be kind of rude..

But you could trying to look for girls in your area looking for the same thing



i mean i just wanna eat and be ate

im down for a threesome with all girls & just boys watching LOS ANGELES girls FIND ME


Sounds fun


I understand. There should be lots of girls in LA. Aren't there girl (lesbian) clubs there? I'm sure some girls there won't mind just sex..

Try it Go out there. But be careful


yyeeaahhh i want to be careful. im leery of girl bars because im not out nor do i really consider myself gay you know

lmao @ kate it does!


Oh yeah.. I can see that. I'm just recently out, but known (thought/curiois/unable to accept or admit) for 6 years...

Well, the internet is a great place


Surely you could just have a chat with friends, and I'm sure there's plenty of girls out there who are 'clean' and just looking for some 'no strings attached' fun anyway.....


bahahahhahahahaha ur funny....
i just wanna eat and be ate....


just being honest lmao


i think u can post and hunt on here as well... Though I've put up that I'm only looking friends, I'm happily attached and very monogamous, i still get a lot of messages for one night stands D: