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Love Letter - Poetry Group

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All these words won't find their way to you.
In my heart, the emptiness cries.
It once knew how to live life alone
Until you reached out through the quiet calm,
Watching the ripples swell in my eyes.

My tranquil being was set aflame by you.
From beyond the veil, my heart ached
As its ashes slipped through my fingers.
No longer is peace or my heart mine any longer.
It all settles like sand at your feet.

Do with me as you will. I am yours and cannot claim my heart back.


Beautiful and sad! I love it! Also, is that a WIcked reference in your name, Elphie?!


Yes, it is. I relate strongly to Elphie in Wicked, both the Musical but more the book.

Thank you for your kind comment on my poem. It's good to see another Wicked fan.


No problem! Lol love both but the book is better!


Sounds like a very vulnerable poem. Just beware for the wolf can eat yu alive you if let him. Don't lose your backbone or you will desolve like a jelly fish.
I liked it too.