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Judge me,
Your judgments are my lullabies; your words take me into my dreams
A never ending nightmare, your demons have come to teach
They fill my head with your thoughts of who I am, and to persuade I am like you,
I am blind to your plan at hand, my soul you're yearning to keep

Judge me,
Your eyes chase me down the halls of a chaotic life, your hate pushes me through to a room where your pain and anguish are, and there I feel what you have for me and what others have left, your scars. I stay there to dwell while you make your judgments on my heart. Break me down till I'm nothing, no more. Yearning to take my soul.

Judge me,
My judge and jury, what's my crime? Your answer is but one reply, "Die!" Death by emotional negligence, the sweet I love you's are as empty as your eyes, you stand in front of me and condemn me to a prison in my own heart.
My prosecutor listens while I scream of insanity, you crucify me with the words of your mind and kill me with whats left of your blackened soul, you yearn to keep my soul.

Judge me,
I find ecouragement in your web of lies, and hid my heart behind the innocence of my soul. You start to break and I start to rise, stopped running in my nightmares and started fighting for my life.
Your agony, no longer the gate keeper to my soul
Throw you in your own prison to silently lock away the judgments of my life,
I look at you before I closed the door and blew you a sweet but empty kiss
Spoke my last words for they were my last to you "Your judgments made me stronger, your lies made me wiser, and your hate made me a fighter, I've decided to keep my soul............"

By Annette Diaz


I really like this, the emotion is so strong, but also poetically beautiful. Thank you for posting.