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Saturdat, Feb 5th, 11, 17:50 Hrs. M.S.T.

Hi A,

Just Wondering if There are Any Gay Mormons Out There. Not Active in My Church as Such, But It Would B Nice to Meet a few Gay Mormons - If Any are Out there.

Thanks Group,



I'm sure there must be, Andrew. I praise God that there are so many people of faith in here. It proves to me that God (by whatever name you call him/her, and in whatever building you choose to meet) is working in the hearts of the gay community. Hallelujah! :-D


I agree, there must be. Here is a link to their support organization: http://www.affirmation.org/ You can search for a local chapter near you.


Hello I am in Canada I would like if you can be my friend. I would be glad to be your friend.


There are definitely Gay Mormons out there in more numbers than the church would like to admit. I've had my fair share over the years. I still think they ride their bikes to cruise.. LOL

We have a well known Christian School and college here in Pensacola. Kids come from all over the world to attend. Of course homosexuality is forbidden, but that doesn't stop the boys from a good evening out. Like the Mormons they are deeply residing in the closet, so keep they can't see any light.

One fellow I saw many years ago, came out to his parents, and about everyone else, including the church. He was of course shunned by the Church and worse of all, by his parents. The sad part, they did not want to disown him, but to keep their standing in the Church, they had too. He was tossed out at the ripe old age of 14 and expected to survive. There apparently was no turning back.

I got involved with him through a caring organization in Indianapolis. We took these kids under our wings as best we could, introducing them to others in like situations. It was fantastic. The boy.... err ... man is now a neurosurgeon and every once in a while, I will still hear from him. Just goes to show what a little love, attention, and guidance can do.

I posted on one of these sites, an organization being started by Jason and DeMarco called SAFE. They are to open a home in Houston this month.. matter of fact should be real soon. Here is a link, not the one I'm for which I am looking, but it will give you an idea. Their goal is to establish these types of homes all across the country. http://safehavenforall.ning.com/groups/group/listForContributor?user=0vyvrf0g2mup7

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