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the truth (a poem i wrote ) - Writers Nook

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my soul cries in the still of the night but only for you...,
see my emotions run wild whenever you're near,
i know you want my love as much as i want you.
come inside i cry for you i just want to understand the meaning of it all,
girl please show me your heart and create your world but can i be a part of..,
i see you in my life today but i cn't touch you babe!,
let me be the one top give you all the love you need..
i feel it burning inside of me girl let me be ,
i would give the world for you,
girl just take my hand i understand ,
i'll take the pain away that she caused you baby it's okay my love is for you....



I wish for you, not all the money in the world
A big house. fancy clothes,a flash car
But rather I wish you a true friend

I wish for you,not great power and position
Servants running at your every wish
But rather be lent, and lend, a willing hand

I wish for you the enjoyment of the past,
Timeless art of craftsmen now long gone
Peace for your soul, and time to be alone.

I wish for you to drink all nature's beauty
Flowers, trees, a sparkling sunlit sea:
Silent beauty of a starlit night

I wish for you, not a great sporting prowess
Cups and medals for the world to see
But good health, and time to enjoy it.

I wish for you good luck and a job well done
Quiet life. The love of fellow woman
To enjoy, and reflect when you can.


Thank you for more writing that resonates inside of me. I did show some of your poetry to my niece who was very encouraging she said for you to, "keep on writing and to explore new themes and styles." Is there a slam poetry scene in the UK?


idk i guess


Hey Dean,

I wish for U....
Comfort on difficult days
Smiles when sadness intrudes
Rainbows to follow the clouds
Laughter to kiss your lips
Sunsets to warm your heart
Gentle hugs when spirits sag
Friendship to brighten your being
Beauty for your eyes to see
Confidence for when you doubt
Faith so that you can believe
Courage to know yourself
Patience to accept the truth


Thanks for the nice things you said but I put it up here to cheer up Charlane


I put it up there to cheer everyone up.

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