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A War Torn LIfe- a poem about those who have only known war from birth - Poetry Group

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War Torn Life

War torn zone,
New play grounds,
Made from broken planes,
The strange names,
The children make,
For their giant toys,
With the pitter patter,
Of innocent feet,
Climbing on the wings,
Using loose wire for swings,
Nothing will ever be the same.

Orphans grow to find a place
Creating new families,
In this desolate place,
And as the grass begins to grow,
So will little lives,
Change and mature,
Losing the innocence,
When rifles are used for lessons,
Instead of books,
Continuing the cycle,
From numbing hatred,
Leaving no place for love.

Emotions have never matured,
Only numbed by loveless words,
Because no compassion,
Breeds a tougher mind
To continue a fight,
That no one has ever heard,
When decades ago it all started,
From hatred of another tribe,
Bringing satisfaction and happiness
By killing,
Was a child’s game

No human is kept in mind,
It’s only hungry for the kill,
With celebration,
For those who have died,
And soulless humans,
Feast at lives in ruin,
Because of the animal inside,
Shall never die.


OMG, this peom so touches my heart. Even when i wasn't in the military this would have gotten to me, just more now with me being in.


Why thank you. I feel deep about war maybe because my mother suffered everyday when we were growing up talking about it all the time. She grew up in what was then Yugoslavia and she is 80 now and now only speaks of it when people ask her about it but God it wrecked havoc on my own psyche because my mother was affected mentally more than she ever realized.
Then my brothers use to watch all the WWII stuff on tv, I have watched many movies about how children are effected. You see an emptiness inside of them because they learn at such an early age not to feel fear, pain, or love.
Did you see the "I love you tommorrow" about coming home and trying to be normal and continue your life before you left? It is 2 or 3 discussions down from the war torn life one.

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