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Hey - Gay Guys! <3

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I know what you mean it has taking me that long to grow mine the way I like it.


Hair is what makes you you. It's how you present yourself to the world and how you want to look. It's not only for yourself but for others to see and to enjoy. Having good hair is important for self respect and for self appearance so if you like it long, let it grow and if you like it short that's another choice but it's yours so nobody should tell you how to cut or shape or color your hair. It's yours, it's part of your body so it's all your choice.


hi all,
I live in Anaheim, CA. I'm asian and love to make friend with all of you who cares.
My skype: jason_nguyen1.
Looking for a bf now...


Well, I have lost a lot of my hair. I still have some on the sides and back but the top is gone except for a few wild hairs. The joke goes, "I'm going to comb my hair." "Is that singular or plural?"


Hey. That hair is you stuff. I'm not buying it. You don't need hair to be a cool person.


David. It sounds like,for you,hair is self esteem,and I don't need hair to have self esteem.


Hair is really nice, if you have it. Life i not over if you do not. Look at the lucky guy who gets to sleep with me on Fri and Sat. Bald. I love him. It was he who wanted the open relationship.I do not think it was a really good idea but I moved away and only here weekends. He said he could not wait five days every week. Besides he need to sew his oats. Just came out at 76 I did all that 30 years ago. We shall see!!!